Bali Spiritual science
Oct 19 & 20/2019

 Music Meditation – Dance- Spiritual Workshops

Bali Spiritual Science festival is organized by Yayasan Pyramid Sosial Spiritual meditasi Indonesia established under the Tree of Pyramid Spiritual Societies movement of India. The CORE MESSAGE of program is to spread the importance of Ahimsa and Vegetarianism, Spiritual Science and Pyramid Energy.

Spiritual Science is a metaphysical expression of the universal truths revealed in all world religions. It is a practical, easily applied way of thinking about the nature of the Universe and our relationship to it. When we understand ourselves as co creators of the universe, we are then capable of expressing the unlimited potential within us.Spiritual Science alone unites all people. To the degree that, each individual connects with the Divine which in turn determines the degree of success, harmony and peace of mind in one’s life. Spiritual Science has no one doctrine or scripture. It primarily includes the practice of MEDITATION and constant observation of one’s thoughts, words and deeds. Spiritual Science is the collective Wisdom of the Ages,preserved and passed down by all the Great Thinkers and Sages.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           – Brahmarshi Patriji

Our Presenters



Bramharshi patriji is the founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement of Inida. He is one of the foremost new age spiritual masters from India.

Anand Krishna

Spiritual Humanist, Founder of Anand Ashram Foundation


Mr Merta Ada

Founder of Bali Usada Meditation

Master Pradeep

Master Pradeep is a custodian of  a very special 144-facet Divine Crystal gifted to him by the Galactic Council. He has conducted numerous Crystal Meditation workshops, Self-Healing Retreats, Self-Realization Retreats in more than 30 countries.


She is a Spiritualist and GrandMaster Healer, and as well as a Teacher, she  also conducts Extraterrestrial Contact programs (STAR BEINGS Ambassadors)


Ilona Selke is an international best-selling author, seminar leader, lecturer, and musician. 

Mr.Krishna Madappa Ph.D

He is President, Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability,Taos, New Mexico.

Our Music Masters


Vidhvan Ganesh


Cultural Dance

Pompi paul​

Indian Classical Dancer

Sanjay Kumar Choudhary

Yoga Teacher



09:30 - Event Inaugural – Cultural Dance

10:30 - Spiritual Discourse by Patrji / Guruji Anand Krishna

11:30 - Music Meditation by Indian Musicians

12:30 - Lunch Break

03:00 -Benevolent Contacts with Star Beings

04:30 - Tea Break

04:45 - Sacred Pyramid Angle and Its Energy

06:20 - Cultural Events - Indian and Balinese


10:00 - Music Meditation by Indian Musicians

11:10 – Spiritual Discourse By Patriji / Pak Merta

12:00 - “Art - Science - Spirit” of Living at the Source

01:00 - Lunch Break

03:00 - Illona - Science Of Meditation

04:30 - Tea Break

04:45 - Innerpower Alignment and Balance

06:20 - Cultural Events - Indian and Balinese​

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