Pradeep Vijay was born in India in 1982 and migrated to Australia in 2005. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology) in Chennai (India) and Master of Information Systems in Melbourne (Australia). In 2008, his quest for Truth and Eternal Happiness led him to the practice of intense Meditation for 3 years under the guidance of Subash Patriji, Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. During this period, he found all answers to his questions about life, life after death and his life purpose on Earth.

Beginning 2011, Pradeep started teaching Meditation & Spiritual Science. He is also the custodian of a very special 144-facet Divine Crystal gifted to him by the Galactic Council. He has conducted numerous Crystal Meditation workshops, Self-Healing Retreats, Self-Realization Retreats in more than 30 countries.

It is his mission to teach meditation & Spiritual Science to the seekers of the Truth all over the world. During the Crystal Meditation session, participants receive Galactic Energy Codes which activates the True Human Potential to radiate Joy, Kindness, Compassion, Love and ultimately experience ONENESS.

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