Mr Merta Ada is a founder and main teacher of Bali Usada. Mr Merta Ada is a renowned meditation practicioner in Indonesia. What makes him also famous nationally and internationally is his skills of applying Health Meditation as an alternative medicine, showed by his students that benefited and cured because of his teachings.

Bali Usada Health Meditation center founded at 14 August 1993. A place that many meditation friends gather together from different backgrounds, beliefs, race, and ethnicity.

Founded by our main teacher, Mr Merta Ada, our vision as a Meditation Center is “Teaching a unique and integrative meditation technique, so every meditation friend that experience our service could be healthier, calmer, and happier”

With our vision, we encourage meditation friend to actively heal their own sickness rather than becoming a passive patient in process of healing and curing.
With more than 127.000 meditation friends, Bali Usada’s activity spread in many part in Indonesia like Bali, Jakarta, Medan, Palembang, also outside Indonesia like England, Singapore,  Germany, and New Zealand. To cover more and more meditation friends, we also use digital media like Television, Radio, and online platform like Facebook. Youtube, Instagram and Mixlr Application.

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