Ms. Taniah with an academic background of Science, graduated as a Food Technologist. In the year 2000 she was miraculously healed of a health challenge that began her exploration into the realms of UNIVERSAL ENERGY.  
She is a Spiritualist and GrandMaster Healer, and as well as a Teacher, performing miraculous healings upon those who are open to receive. That also paved the way for her contact with ENLIGHTENED BEINGS from other planets, within and out of our galaxy. Today she is a Prime Extraterrestrial Contactee and Author of the exciting book of her encounters, ‘Benevolent Contacts’ ( ET guided).   She  also conducts Extraterrestrial Contact programs (STAR BEINGS Ambassadors) and public presentations both internationally and locally at her base in Malaysia. And has been on radio and video talk shows.

TITLE OF PRESENTATION : Benevolent Contacts with Star Beings

Ms. Taniah has numerous PERSONALLY taken photos and videos in her collection of her contacts with Extraterrestrial Beings. At the festival, her focus will be on sharing some of her enriching two decades of wondrous encounters with these Star Beings.  She will show the audience some of her photographs and videos together with their profound messages for today’s global human community. An exciting presentation!

Limited copies of her ENERGETIC book, ‘BENEVOLENT CONTACTS’ will be available at the festival. It is the first book on our planet that has so many personally taken photos – 32 pages of amazing, beautiful COLOR photos of ET ships, ETs and Orbs.

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